Volume 1, Issue 10, January 2015

( ISSN : 2348 – 9510 )

S. No. Name of Research Article (Volume 1, Issue 10, January 2015) Page No.
1. To What Extent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Provides Competitive Advantage to the Organization as well as Social Benefits to the Community: The Case of Al-Baik in the Western Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(Author: Mohamad Bacho)
2. Indoor, Out Door Air Pollution (Ioap), Cost Effective Methodologies And Potential Intervention Strategies
(Author’s: Dr. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Naveed Ahmad, Khadim Hussain, Nasir Ahmad)
3. A Study of Hospital Noise Pollution, Its Prolonged Effects on the Recovery of the Patients and Passive Noise Control Measures
(Author’s: Dr. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Huma Bashir, Marium saeed Awan, Bushra Bashir and Arfa Mubashir)
4. Go Fit Logger: An Android Based Mobile Application for Health Care
(Author’s: C. Mamtha, Dr. Siddharth Ghosh)
5. Certain Subordination Results For Multivalent Functions Associated With Wright Hypergeometric Function
(Author’s: Dinesh Kumar, S.K.Bissu, A.K.Arora)
6. Equitable But Not Equal: An Academic Reading on Affirmative Action
(Author’s: Magdy M. Hussein, PhD; Patricia Wiggin)
7. Fuzzy Inference System based Edge Detection in Images
(Author’s: Anjali Datyal, Satnam Singh)
8. Identification of Factors Influencing Preferences for Green Products: A Study In and Around Kolkata (India)
(Author’s: Prof. Sudipta Majumdar, Dr. Sukanta Chandra Swain)
9. Image Steganography: Classification, Application and Algorithms
(Author’s: Shikha Mohan, Satnam Singh)
10. The outlook for PE in Infrastructure in India
(Author: Dr. Bharti Harnal)
11. An Overview of Usage of Non-Conventional Energy Resources in India
(Author’s: B. Venkateswarlu, Dr. P. Venkata Rao)
12. Global Trends in Supply Chain Management
(Author’s: A. S. Gousia Banu, Dr. P. Venkata Rao)