Volume 1, Issue 11, February 2015

( ISSN : 2348 – 9510 )

S. No. Name of Research Article (Volume 1, Issue 11, February 2015) Page No.
1. Scanning Electron Microscopical and Physio-Chemical Characterization of Solid Aerosols Related To Pollutant Web Identified At Faisalabad (Pakistan)
(Author’s: Dr. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Sumera and Khadim Hussain)
2. Trace Metals Aerosol Pollution in Some Selected Locations of Pollutant Web and Human Health Risk Assessment
(Author’s: Dr. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Khadim Hussain and Sumera)
3. A Non Mathematical Exposition of Game Theory
(Author: Dr. Sorab Sadri)
4. Evaluation on Safety Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks
(Author’s: Dr. Raman Chadha, Ajay Kumar Prasad)
5. Exploitation of safety measures in Data Mining
(Author’s: Dr. Raman Chadha, Harsimranjeet Kaur, Er. Ramandeep Sandhu)
6. Third Party Auditing (TPA) For Data Storage Security of Outsourced Data in Cloud with Dynamic Auditing
(Author’s: Deepali V. Pande, Prof. V. V. Jog)
7. Impact of Social Networking Sites on Studies
(Author’s: Dr. Anuj Sheopuri, Anita Sheopuri)
8. Glass Powder – A Partial Replacement for Cement?
(Author’s: Ashutosh Sharma, Ashutosh Sangamnerkar)
9. Tweet Analysis: Twitter Data processing Using Apache Hadoop
(Author: Manoj Kumar Danthala)
10. Decision Making in Enterprise Computing a Data Mining Approach
(Author: Asir Antony Gnana Singh, Jebamalar Leavline)
11. Thick target total bremsstrahlung spectra produced by beta emitter 147Pm and its Z – dependence
(Author: Tajinder Singh)