Volume 1, Issue 6, September 2014

( ISSN : 2348 – 9510 )

S. No. Name of Research Article (Volume 1, Issue 6, September 2014) Page No.
1. Radiological Decontamination on Various Surfaces Using Radiacwash-I and Radiacwash-II as Decontamination Agents
(Author’s: Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Muhammad Sajjad Sattar, Muhammad Afzal Nadeem)
2. Impact Of Industrial Noise Pollution On Human Health
(Author’s: Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Noreen Kousar, Muhammad Ajaz)
3. Study Of Chemical Dosimetery Using Ceric Sulfate Calibration Dosimetric Method
(Author’s: Shahid M.A.K.; M.Z.H. Aftab; M.H. Shahzad; N. Khalid)
4. The Role of Quality Function Deployment, AHP and Hierarchy Diagram in Improving Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation of the Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Industry
(Author’s: Alfalah Tasneem, Salsabeel Alfalah, Jannat Falah)
5. Recital Of Supply Chain Management Globally
(Author: Prof. Kartikey Koti)
6. Analysis of Heat Exchanger with Nanofluids
(Author: Raman Chouda)
7. A Study Of Currency Market Volatility In India During Its Pre And Post Derivative Period
(Author’s: Saurabh Singh, Dr. L.K Tripathi)
8. Flourishing Preparation For Problem Solving By Learning And Reasoning
(Author’s: Dr.Raman Chadha, Ms. Shalini Verma, Ms. Gurwinder Kaur)
9. A Study Of Effectiveness Of Campus Training Programme Of Engineering Students Of Jabalpur Region: A Student’s Perspective
(Author’s: Ms. Rubvita Chadha, Dr. Ashish Mishra)
10. Analysis and Simulation of Gearless Transmission Mechanism
(Author’s: Navneet Bardiya, karthik.T, L Bhaskara Rao)
11. Freewheeling arbitration award (the sender) and the possibility of its implementation
(Author: Dr. Nabeel Zaid Suliman Magableh)
12. Mutually Inclusive Relationship between a B-School and an Employer: A Conceptual Study
(Author’s: Ashish Mohanty, Sasmita Mohanty)
13. Retention Of Knowledge Workers In It Industry In India: A Review
(Author’s: Dr. Rachna Agarwal, Munish Nagar)
14. Customer Perception Towards Services Provided By Banks Specially A.T.M. Services
(Author’s: Dr .L. Leo Franklin, A.Vellimalarruby)