Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2015

( ISSN : 2348 – 9510 )

S. No. Name of Research Article (Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2015) Page No.
1. Viscoelastic Profile of Solid Aerosols (Soft Matter) Generated From Different Industries of Faisalabad
(Author’s: Dr Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Maryam Saeed Awan, Khadim Hussain)
2. Dynamical Characterization and Source Apportionment of Solid Aerosols; an Integrated SEM-TEM Study
(Author’s: Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Mariam Saeed Awan, Khadim Hussain)
3. Engines of Growth – A Study of the Growth and Performance of Indian MSMES in the Present Scenario
(Author: Dr. Mateen Ahmed Siddiqui)
4. Electronic Waste Management- A Challenge for Contemporary India
(Author’s: Dr. Subhash Kumar Verma, Astha Allawadhi, Akshi Bhardwaj)
5. Role of OCTAPACE Culture in Knowledge Management
(Author’s: Dr. Shine David, Mayur Bhakre, Pragya Dubey)
6. Impacts of Job Satisfaction and Organizational commitment: A Study Describing Influence of Gender Difference on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
(Author’s: Dr. Shine David, Ms. Ragini Gidwani, Ms. Neelam Birthare, Mr. Priyavrat Singh)
7. Are Women Better Leaders? What is the final verdict? -A review of prominent studies conducted on gender leadership effectiveness
(Author’s: Dr. Jyoti Vyas Bajpai, Dr. Trupti Vyas Dave, Mr. Siddharth Bajpai)
8. Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Fins in Pin Fin Apparatus
(Author: Allan Harry Richard.T.L, Agilan.H)
9. Performance Analysis of Port Cranes
(Author’s: S M Rizwan, Mathew AG)
10. Fabrication & Performance Analysis of Solar Water Heater Using Porous Medium & Agitator
(Author’s: Deepak.P, Adhichelvan.B)
11. Game Theory Based Multi-Objective Resource Scheduling of Bag-of-Tasks Workflows on Cloud Environment
(Author’s: Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan Mishra, Prof. Himanshu Das, Nihar Ranjan Hota, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Rath)
12. Impacts of Computers on Today’s Society
(Author: Dr. Satish Gill)
13. Fabrication of solar water distillation system
(Author’s: S. Nanda kumar, P.P.Shantharaman)
14. What is Cloud Computing Based Computer Lab: Its Challenges, Cost and Benefits?
(Author’s: Pardeep Kumar, Poonam Devi, Dr. Harish Rohil)
15. To Study the Level of Stress among Management Trainees
(Author’s: Dr. Shine David, Pooja Agrawal, Surabhi Jain)
16. Image Compression for Mobile Devices using Prediction and Direct Coding Approach
(Author’s: Joshua Rajah Devadason, Mr. T. Ramraj)
17. Performance and Characteristics of Biodiesel by Using Compression Ignition Engine
(Author’s: Balachandar.K, Shantharaman.P.P)
18. Attrition in “IT” Sector
(Author’s: Dr. Shine David, Saakshi Kaushik, Harshita Verma, Shivani Sharma)
19. The Human Resource Information System Productiveness in Organization Culture and Its Importance
(Author’s: Dr. Shine David, Naina Chopra, Sachin Batham, Lekhram Vishwakarma)
20. Study of Gender Discrimination at workplace
(Author’s: Dr. Shine David, Divya Dhupiya, Monica Raghuwanshi, Ritu Swami)
21. Comparative Study of NSSA with Different Network Security Aspects
(Author’s: Miss. Ankita Patil, Mr. Vijay Prakash)
22. Securing Mobile Ad hoc Networks: Key Management and Routing
(Author’s: C. Mohammed Gulzar, Dr. K.V. Subba, Dr.Ragini Kashyap)
23. Comparative Study of Performance of Public and Private Sector Bank
(Author’s: Khushboo Bhatia, Naveena Chouhan, Neha joshi)